Julie Wintrup

Higher Ed Teacher In Health Sciences


This page will group articles and conference proceedings into key themes, continuing the thread of health workforce ducation. My primary areas of concern are:

In the meantime see my work on the health sciences website. Links are also available on:

Healthcare work

My healthcare research focusses on the education, training and career trajectories of the support and technical workforce, and on ethical practices and decision making. I am interested in work that is collaborative, inter/post-disciplinary and effective in keeping people well and able to lead their lives as they wish. By ethical practices I mean those demonstrated in our relationships and in the way we decide to organise, resource, equip and prioritise health and care services.

As an occupational therapist I am also interested in how we use forms of research to influence our environment – the spaces we inhabit and our social and political conditions – to provide insights, and to promote equality, capability and community.

Workforce Education

Higher education needs not only to support and develop the best practice, management and leadership in health, but to facilitate academic and career progression. I am particularly interested in the trajectories of those who receive the least formal education, typically women, minority groups, the support and technical workforce and work based learners. Research shows that we can improve efficiency and health outcomes through work-based, apprenticeship activities such as supervision and mentoring, and by creating work cultures that promote and support high quality learning for all regardless of professional or educational background. However certain groups remain hidden or even excluded from higher forms of education, threatening the proposed transformation of the workforce.

Student Engagement

I research how pedagogic approaches and strategies influence student learning and I am committed to working across disciplines and with students as partners, co-researchers and change agents. I am particularly interested in widening participation to higher education and to enabling students to engage fully once at University, seeing the effective use of organisational data as an opportunity to learn and improve on current practice.