Julie Wintrup

Higher Ed Teacher In Health Sciences


Monday, May 9th, 2016

It’s Monday evening and our conference is almost here! We’re looking forward to welcoming delegates, presenters and keynotes to our second Everyday Ethics conference, 10th May 2016 at the RCN HQ, 20 Cavendish Square, London. Here’s a few thank yous. Thanks to Anya de Iongh and Marie Ennis O’Connor for spreading the word (again!) and involving Dominic Stenning, who it’s been great working with to make sure we keep a really bold and inclusive ambition for the ‘everyday ethics’ idea.

Big thanks to our keynotes Suzanne Shale, Peter Beresford, Shereen Hussein and Jonathon Tomlinson, who said yes to giving their precious time without hesitation. Your reputations enabled us to develop a wonderful programme and to attract brilliant abstracts and papers. And thank you to all our presenters. It’s very exciting to use the notion of the familiar encounters, relationships and circumstances of healthcare to explore what Lambek (2010) calls our ‘ethical agitations’. Your papers tell us you’re often approaching this from lived experience. Our developing community embodies expertise in being people who care about the way we are with each other, whether we are using health and care services, whether we’re parents or carers, or whether we’re health professionals, managers, or academics and students. We also bring together disciplinary perspectives, including psychology, medicine, sociology, anthropology, nursing, occupational therapy, law and philosophy and I’m sure others.

We are delighted to welcome eight student presenters, undergraduate and postgraduate, who all had abstracts accepted following double blind review and only told us of their student status when we asked. Our Vice Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Award 2015 brought with it a small honorarium and we are pleased to be able to pass this on to student presenters as an acknowledgement and congratulations.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, we have the amazing Molly Case, ‘spoken word artist, rain-lover, slam-winner, and cardiac nurse’. Thank you Molly for arranging your off duty to be able to join us, you are the icing on our #everydayethics2016 cake!

My favourite and irrepressible colleagues Stephan Caspar and Fiona Harvey are here to make sure we aren’t the kind of event that is very nice while it lasts but stops at 5pm. Stephan is following up on last year’s wonderful short videos and Fiona will be offering insights into how we can make our developing community more sustainable. We’re so aware of costs and the luxury of taking time away from the day jobs that we want to think hard about how we might take things forward in affordable and interesting ways, and include more people who are active and politically engaged users of services.

We’ve started to discuss an edited textbook, a special journal issue and shared resources online. I’ve already used this blog more times than I can count. Your ideas are very welcome!

We loved ‘taking a book for a walk’ last year and will miss Darren Gormley this year. If I get a ‘just giving’ page organised in time we will have the opportunity to help Passwell Nyambe and the Kocebuka Community Foundation purchase internet time so that they can study MOOCs together and watch the videos, instead of having to read the transcripts. Very small donations will make a huge difference.

Finally we are soon to wish Jonathan Drennan all the best as he is leaving Southampton for Cork. He will be sorely missed by us all – we have Jonathan to thank for supporting this conference and having faith in our ability to break even!

By the time we meet you’ll have travelled from all parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland so we wish you all safe and swift journeys. We can’t wait to meet you!

Julie, Roger, Angela, Hazel, Tula, David, Jonathan and Sandy